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Our Mandate

CICBA’s mandate is to support redevelopment that is achievable, affordable, and sustainable.  CICBA will accomplish this through open and transparent engagement

Who We are

Trusted Professionals

CICBA is a not-for-profit association that is comprised of diverse and passionate professionals, experienced builders, developers, renovators, trades, suppliers, and consultants.


Calgary is one of the largest cities in North America! Our land mass footprint is huge, and as a result redevelopment and densification are needed to keep this city at a sustainable level. Strong redevelopment plans will intercept increases in taxes, reduction of city services, and less consideration for inner-city communities.

Did you know that one infill, at a bare minimum, doubles the property tax for that property? This increase in tax comes without the need for new infrastructure, emergency services, parks, utilities, roads, schools, snow clearing and many other services.

Until now, there has never been a unified voice in the industry for small to medium development. Redevelopment faces many challenges, though they seem individualized to your community they are not. These challenges affect builders, developers, their partners, and most importantly the community and small businesses. Finally, a unified and equal voice for the industry. 

Residential and Commercial redevelopment of Calgary is vital to ensuring that the city is sustainable.

About Infills

What is an Infill?

An infill is the process or development of a vacant or under-used land within existing urban areas that are already developed. An infill can consist of demolishing a building and replacing it with a new home, or the development of residential, commercial or office buildings on vacant lots in existing neighbourhoods.

Time Requirement to Build and Infill

From starting with a builder and designer to completion of the home, including all permitting processes, can take 10-24 months.

Benefits of an Infill

Homes that fit your needs
  1. More options to live in mature neighbourhoods.
  2. Creating opportunities to build more energy efficient buildings.
  3. A new infill home meets the needs of growing families.
  4. Retirees may want to stay in the neighbourhoods they have lived all their lives who are looking to downsize.
  5. Couples and young professionals who want to be close to downtown and its amenities.
  6. Living close to work and reduce your carbon footprint.
Financial Suitability
  1. Infill development leads to increased use of local amenities and allows city services to reach more residents at a lower cost.
  2. Building in existing neighbourhoods helps save taxpayers money because additional roads, sewers, services, and infrastructure associated with building are not needed.
  3. Increasing density creates walkable neighbourhoods.
  4. Undeveloped homes or land can also benefit financially as property values appreciate throughout the neighbourhood.
Keeping Communities Viable
  1. Some residential and commercial spaces in these mature communities are rundown, under appreciated and unsafe.
  2. Infills not only regenerates the physical structure, it also revitalize the community.
  3. Infills bring young children to older neighbourhoods, keeping schools and public amenities such as local recreation centres and halls, open.
  4. Brings more people into these communities to helps local businesses.
Diverse Living
  1. Family dynamics are changing and that reflects in every community.
  2. Infills creates housing for parents, children, grandparents, and renters to co-exist in the same community.
Environmental Impact
  1. Infills help the environment in several ways – decrease harmful car emissions by reducing our dependency on cars.
  2. New infill homes are more energy efficient than existing older homes and commercial buildings.
Vibrant, Healthy Living
  1. In walkable communities, people typically tend to walk more because it is more pleasant and convenient.
  2. Transit services increase in areas that have a larger population.
  3. Living in mature areas allows a more active lifestyle.
  4. Living in mature neighbourhoods means reduced commute times and increased family time.

Why Redevelop?

Redevelopment uses existing infrastructure rather than creating new infrastructure. Ultimately this reduces the capital costs and investments required by the city in turn keeping property taxes lower. In fact, redevelopment increases the city tax base allowing for these communities to revitalize.

Choose a Professional Certified Member

At CICBA not just anyone can be a certified member. We keep our standards high through a thorough vetting process. We have also established the CICBA Certified program giving the public better assurances of who they are dealing with. Coming soon…..

One Industry Multiple Voices

Redevelopment involves many different aspects of the building industry. CICBA has a large diverse member base equally representing all. Suppliers, professional consultants, skilled trades, specialists, realtors and builders each make up a vital part of the process. The organization is based on equality. No matter how large or small you are you will always be equal.