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Introducing prompt payment for construction industry

Bill 37 would protect jobs in the construction industry by ensuring contractors and subcontractors are paid on time.

Bill 48: Saving job creators time and money

Common-sense changes to legislation will cut red tape by making it easier for businesses to operate – saving job creators time and money.

Update to the P2P – Permission to Permit Process

CICBA – Calgary Inner City Builders Association is please to announce that one of our members has been active in negotiating the future of P2P – Our Association has aided in the negation of making it easier and more cost effective in redeveloping in Calgary.

Application Requirements
After we agreed on a number of changes this summer to improve and expand the Permission to Permit service, we said that we would continue to discuss issues as they arose. Thanks to Doug Kiemeny and the IC’s for bringing forward a concern with one of the new requirements – a copy of the Building Permit – which in real-world application ended up being a barrier to apply for certain projects in a timely fashion. We agreed to the following to make the application process easier for our customers, while ensuring we obtained all the necessary information in order to approve the P2P applications:
 A Development Permit (DP) number for the project must be provided on the application. An electronic copy of a Building Permit (or DP) will not be required.There will be space for a Building Permit (BP) number as well, if you happen to have it at the time of the application (but it is not an application requirement). A Project drawing is still requiredDigital drawing of site plan preferred (Example: use DSSP or Grade Slip plan for mark-up). Although clear and detailed ‘hand drawn’ plans will still be accepted.Drawing needs to show the estimated locations of the utility tie-ins and planned excavation areas marked clearly on all Road right-of-way bordering the project address
By providing clear and understandable plans, you can ensure an easy review of your application and help us grant the Permission to Permit in a timely manner

A reminder please: the Permission to Permit is a pre-pay service, and must be approved and paid for before any excavation can begin in the road right-of-way. Ensure the contracted parties or utilities have the P2P number for their excavation permit.

2021 Fees
The City’s User Fees have now been approved by Council, as part of the 2021 Budget (mid-cycle) deliberations. Inflationary adjustments of 2-3% were proposed for most fees related to Streets, Sidewalks and Pathways. The 2021 rates for Permission to Permit for the pre-payment of Pavement Degradation and Top Lift Service fees have been Attached to this email. The Permission to Permit page on The City’s website will be updated shortly.

Payment Update
To better align with the Payment Card Industry security standards to protect your information, we are in the process of setting up On-line Payment for Permission to Permit applications. We hope this will become available before the end of Q1 2021. It is an established process, and it will just require you to log in to your City of Calgary my ID business account to complete the transaction. While the P2P application process will still remain by email, we would no longer be taking credit card information over the phone.

Permit Office Hours over the next two weeks
During this quieter period, we will have reduced availability over the next two weeks to allow for much deserved time-off for our hard-working staff.
The office will be OPEN December 21-22, CLOSED on December 23-26. OPEN December 28-30, and CLOSED December 31-January 1. Regular hours to start again on January 4th.
 PERMISSION TO PERMIT (PRE-PAY SERVICE)2021 FEE SCHEDULE  2021 Pavement Degradation – Pre-paid RatesTotal Excavated AreaPavement Degradation Fee
1 – 100m2 $2020.25
101 – 150m2 $3,065
151 – 200m2 $4,080
201 – 250m2 $5,100


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