Who is CICBA?

CICBA stands for Calgary Inner City Builders Association. We are a non-profit organization focused on representing the voice and needs of the small and medium-sized builder/developer. We are the small business owners within the larger development community. Most of our projects tend to be smaller-scaled infilltypes, such as semi-detached, modest-scaled townhome units, four-plexes, etc.

The type and style of development built by our members tend to be scattered through a community in the form of smaller infill projects, resulting in modest density increases within a community that tends to be less visible and significant.

Our members focus on redevelopment within established areas of the city, not in new greenfield developments. (*We know these terms get used a lot – so we’ve put in our definition of these two terms below.)

Our organization is based on four pillars that are important to us:

1. Improving established communities

2. Realizing the benefits of redevelopment

3. Creating affordable redevelopment; and

4. Establishing accountability and credibility

Additional information about us and our pillars can be found here. www.cicba.ca

Our Invitation to all Candidates

CICBA thanks every candidate who has chosen to run for political office and make Calgary a better place for everyone: community, business, families and Calgarians of all backgrounds.

Our members are keenly interested to know your thoughts and ideas about redevelopment in established communities and the role of the small business community that is active in this area. We invite you to answer 2 questions that have been posed under each of our four pillars (8 questions in total). 

We will post your answers verbatim on our website for the benefit of the public and our members.

If you would like to have a discussion forum with our members on these questions, please click the option below and someone will be in touch to set something up.


Redevelopment is development that consists of infilling or re-developing in established communities.

The Established Area comprises residential communities that were planned and developed between the 1950s and 1990s


CICBA’s first pillar is “Improving established communities”.

Our members believe that redevelopment should be something that seeks to improve the community it sits in.  We are interested in your view of what redevelopment looks like in your ward, good or bad.


CICBA’S second pillar is “realizing the benefits of redevelopment”.

In our opinion, redevelopment can help bring new people to a neighborhood, re-invigorate local business, boost school populations, provide additional housing options so people to stay in their community, and create incentive for the City to invest in community upgrades and services for the area.

Sometimes a gap occurs between the promise of what redevelopment is supposed to bring, and the outcomes that are ultimately achieved. Realizing that there is rarely a situation where everyone is satisfied, we are interested to know your thoughts on whether there is a gap and how to close it.


CICBA’s third pillar is “creating affordable redevelopment”.

Affordability is important to our business – affordable redevelopment means we can reach more of the market. CICBA believes that affordability can be improved upon with more competition in the marketplace, which is why the small business builder/developer has a role to play alongside the larger corporate developers in redevelopment.

Because we are smaller players, we are much more cost-sensitive than the larger players – we don’t have deep pockets. Like any small business, we are cost conscious, but also nimble, adaptable and creative. It is extremely important to us to reduce the cost of things that don’t add value for the customer – such as red tape, time, complex processes or unnecessary fees. When our members interact with City Hall, these are the additional costs that we encounter and are forced to pass along to our customers.

We are also small businesses, so we also don’t have resources to engage City Hall in the same way that larger companies can. Before CICBA, this segment of the industry did not have an effective voice at the City’s table. Larger, corporate companies in the building and development industry are generally better able to ensure their interests are appropriately represented at City Hall (administrative and political levels). Start-up, smaller and mid-sized players are generally not as well-resourced and struggle to participate as effectively as the larger players (if at all). However, some would argue that the industry is one sector, and that what is good for the larger players should be good for the smaller ones as well.


CICBA’s fourth pillar is “Establishing accountability and credibility”.

For us, that means ensuring that our members act with integrity and are held accountable for how they interact with others, whether that be community members, customers, political members or the general public. As the smaller or mid-sized company in the industry, many of our members are just starting to build their brands and identities – we generally are not corporate players with well-recognized brands or labels.

As a result, we recognize that accountability and credibility is something we must work hard at, to earn and prove to all those we interact with. It also means that many of our members may just be learning the ropes at City Hall – our projects tend not to be large and complex, our members may not have the sophistication or range that large, well-established corporate entities have.

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