About Us

We are a non-profit association representing the small to medium sized industry members of redevelopment and their partners. We are a group of diverse and passionate professionals, experienced builders, developers, renovators, suppliers and consultants dedicated to the redevelopment movement in Calgary.

What Our Members Have Done

An association is only as good as its members. Our members have been vital in changing Calgary’s building industry. Some of the accomplishments of our members;

Partnering with the city in developing RCG

Partnering with the city in developing contexual permits

Negotiating with the city on off site levies

Developing the Best Practices Guidebook

Changing the P2P process

Reducing the costs of road degradation fees

Reducing the cost of storm development

Working in bylaw sustainment

Developing bylaws

Effective changes within SDAB process

Coordination and development participation into Main Streets

Partnering with the city designing of Main Street corridors

Partnering with the city in developer gets the Infill guideline book

Partnering with the city in the energy code process

Partnering with the city on red tape reduction in the building process

Partnering with Enmax on redevelopment processes

Working with City of Calgary Water

Working with City of Calgary Transportation

Much more

Board of Directors

As an organization that is to represent the development industry we believe that a vast skill set and diverse group is needed.

Sheldon Appave – Builder/Developer

Mike Borkristl – Professional Consultant – Vice Chair

Josh Burns – Supplier

Ann Donald– Professional Consultant

Shameer Gaidhar – Builder/Developer – Chair

Mark Gerlitz – Corporate Secretary

Jordan Hiller – Supplier

Grace Lui – Professional Consultant

Sina Rezaian – Builder/Developer

Vince Niro – Builder/Developer

Kevin Sellick – Accounting

Vacant -Board member being interviewed – Reserved for Renovator

Vacant -Board member being interviewed

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PO Box 86089 Mardaloop

Calgary, Alberta T2T 6B7

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